A run and gun action game inspired by 1930s cartoons with an emphasis on boss battles.

I'm a gameplay programmer working in Unity.

Magnets! Alpha Build

Play as two magnets that depend on their switching polarity to navigate through the scrolling environment.

Made in Unity. Design, programming and art done by myself.


A sidescrolling horror puzzle game. Collect items and use your wits to escape a house full of brainwashed humans.

Made for A Game By Its Cover 2016 in Unity. Design, programming and art done by myself.

Hey bro, Stay a While and Listen

A puzzle game where you're a maid-bot having to do menial tasks for a rude patron who thinks you're their best friend

Made for OJam 2016 in Game Maker Studio. I worked on art and programming.


Won 1st place for Artistic Achievement at Level Up 2015. Won 2nd place for overall game.

A sci-fi puzzle game where the player takes the role of, R-01, a rover that can switch between an arthropod form and a ball form to explore the secrets of Mars.

I took the role of Art Contact and Art Lead. I was in charge of art direction and managing the art team. I also modeled assets, hand painted all textures and decorated all caves.

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